A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Version 1.0 made during CSULB VGDA's 24 hour Slam Jam (2018)


Game Topic/Focus: Dimensions

Version 1.2

Developer Update notes:

  • Chapter Select is now properly working
  • Level 3 is now unlocked
  • Walls are implemented in level 2 and 3

Keyboard Controls:

  • A = Move Left
  • D = Move Right
  • Q = Rotate Clockwise
  • E = Rotate Counter Clockwise
  • Space = Jump

Created by:

Alex Chheng - Programmer, Level Design

Paco Ellaga - Programmer, Level Design, Sound Design

Steve (The Philosophist) Parker - Programmer, Visual Effects, Sound Design

Josh Song - Programmer, Level Design


Perspectus V1.2.zip 17 MB

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